His 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Biological Mom Abandoned Her, But Now Wants Her Back, And He Said No Way

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 44-year-old man has a 14-year-old daughter named Milly, but Milly is technically his niece and not his daughter, as Milly’s biological mom is his sister, Laila.

Back when Milly was 3-years-old, Laila got a job in a different country, and so she asked him to look after Milly while she was gone.

Milly’s dad sadly passed away before she was even born, so his sister was the only parent Milly had.

“Laila had promised to send money for me to take care of Milly and that’d she’d call and visit as often as she could until she could take Milly to live with her permanently,” he explained.

“After she left, she called probably 3 times in the first two months and then went AWOL. For years I’d tried to find out what happened and assumed the worst, only to hear from one of her friends a couple of years later that she got married to someone else and has an entirely new family.”

“I was heartbroken because Milly would ask when her mom was coming back, and I never knew what to say except “soon.” But even she grew tired of it and realized when she was about 8 that her mom wasn’t coming back anytime soon, that’s if she was coming back at all. Because of this situation, me and my wife were granted parental rights to Milly, and she couldn’t have been happier that we were officially her parents.”

11 long years after his sister Laila dumped Milly on him, she popped back up a week ago with her new rich family and 2 new kids.

The majority of his family was thrilled to see Laila after so long, but he, his wife, and his parents were livid with her.

As Laila tried to fill them in on why she went missing for so long and why she didn’t reach out to Milly, he could only hear her excusing away the abandonment of her own child.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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