His 21-Year-Old Stepsister Showed Up To His Wedding Wearing A Sparkly White Dress And Upset His Wife, But He Didn’t Ask Her To Leave Right Away

Oleg Gekman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A guy just got married to his wife, and his wife was super anxious about their wedding for as long as they had been planning it.

His wife really is into perfection, and she dreamed about her wedding day for her whole life, so she did want things a certain way.

Now, his mom lives in another country and did fly in to attend his wedding. His mom brought his 21-year-old stepsister with her too.

“My mom and I have an awkward relationship, and she was already a bit pissy that she had to come to the US for my wedding when I didn’t go to hers (I did not feel safe in that country),” he explained.

“I’ve never met her husband before or her stepdaughter. Everything was ok until the stepdaughter showed up at our wedding in sparkly white.”

“I immediately saw my wife’s face drop. I said maybe she didn’t know, as women in her country wear red. My wife said that was no excuse, as my mom would have known. I said I wasn’t sure if she would. She didn’t spend that long in the US, and she hated it. She hardly interacted with anyone when she did live here and moved the moment her divorce was final. I’m really not sure how much she picked up on American customs when she didn’t interact.”

When his wife noticed what his stepsister was wearing, she asked him to please ask his stepsister to leave their wedding.

He replied back to his wife that he was uncomfortable doing that, especially since his mom and stepsister came such a long way to attend their wedding, and they spent a lot of money to be there too.

Instead, he tried to reassure his wife that everyone would know she was the bride and the star of the evening and not his stepsister.

Oleg Gekman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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