She Gifted Her Sister A Used Stroller For Her Baby Shower, And Her Sister Said It Was Rude Of Her To Do This

kharchenkoirina - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 25-year-old girl has a 21-year-old sister named Heidi, who is currently pregnant. Heidi is going to give birth quite soon, and unfortunately, the father of Heidi’s baby dumped Heidi when he learned of her pregnancy.

After Heidi’s boyfriend broke up with her, she was forced to move back home with their mom and dad.

A week ago, their mom decided to throw Heidi a baby shower, and in advance of that, Heidi put together a gift registry for herself.

“She knows the baby is going to be a boy,” she explained. “Heidi sent out email invites to everyone with a link to the registry, and there were about 3 paragraphs repeating over and over that she will only take gifts that are off the registry and that nothing else is acceptable, which I thought was kind of entitled, but oh well.”

“One of the gifts on the registry was a stroller, which I know can get quite expensive. I have a stroller that I used for my daughter (f3), and I don’t plan on having any more kids, so I don’t need the stroller anymore. The stroller is pretty standard, and it’s plain and a rose gold/dusty pink kind of color.”

Aside from the stroller, she did buy Heidi a couple of gifts on the smaller side for her baby. When the day of the shower arrived, she packed those up along with the stroller, thinking that Heidi would be thrilled.

She really expected Heidi to be especially thankful for the stroller, as they’re pretty pricey to go out and purchase brand new.

Well, when Heidi found out about the stroller, she was really upset. Heidi was appalled, and she mentioned that the stroller was clearly made for girls and she was having a boy.

She replied to Heidi that she was positive her little boy could care less about being pushed around in a girly stroller.

kharchenkoirina – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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