She Told Her Ex That His Family Claimed Her New Husband Was A Major Upgrade, But Now She Feels Terrible Because It Really Upset Her Ex’s Mother, Who Took Her And Her Son In After Her Ex Left

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After this young woman had her first child with her ex-boyfriend, who was twenty-five at the time, she was forced to deal with a harrowing challenge: post-partum depression.

During that time, she described herself as a ball of emotions and tears. She could not find the motivation to do anything, and her then-boyfriend simply could not handle it. So, he actually ended up leaving her to be a single parent all by herself.

Thankfully, though, her ex-boyfriend’s mother, Linda, was not going anywhere. Linda actually took her in, pushed her to go to therapy, and took over the care of her son while she was recovering.

“Linda paid for the formula when I went on medication for my treatment, and I could not nurse. She quite literally held me while I cried, feeling useless as a mother and as a mother,” she recalled.

“Linda was more of a mother to me than I had ever known before.”

Obviously, though, it took a while for her emotions to balance out again. But, once they did, she was able to get back to being present in her son’s life and caring for her child.

It was also around that time that Linda helped her yet again. When she eventually went back to work, Linda offered to watch her son during the day. That way, she did not have to throw away the bulk of the money she earned on weekly daycare expenses.

Linda also apparently knew that her ex-boyfriend– Linda’s son– was not contributing any child support. So, Linda actually encouraged her to go after him, and she did.

“Getting it [child support] made my life easier, and I asked Linda if she wanted me to move out. She said, ‘Nope,'” she explained.

muse studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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