She Walked In On Her Daughter’s College Roommate Being Intimate With Another Roommate’s Boyfriend, And She Got Accused Of Violating The 24-Hour-Notice Before Entry Rule Since She Is Also The Landlord

nakedking - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This mother has a twenty-year-old daughter who is currently a junior in college. Her daughter’s college is also located in the same city she lives in, so it has made finding housing for her daughter a breeze.

In fact, she actually inherited a condo from her parents after they passed away, and it was her parents’ intent that the condo would be passed on to her daughter after college graduation.

So, that is the plan once her daughter is financially independent. But, in the meantime, the condo has also served her daughter as a rent-free housing option.

Her daughter has been living in the condo with two roommates– both of whom pay below-market rent. And ever since the three girls moved in together, everything had been going just fine.

Well, that was until earlier this week when she learned that her daughter had run out of some household supplies.

Apparently, her daughter’s schedule had been incredibly hectic lately– especially since she picked up some more shifts at her part-time job due to understaffing.

So, her daughter was not going to be able to pick up the household supplies until the end of the week. And after hearing that, she figured she would lend her daughter a hand.

“Wanting to be helpful, I offered to pick up the supplies for my daughter and drop them off at her place. She accepted,” she recalled.

She ended up going to pick up the supplies at the store the next day. Then, she took the items over to her daughter’s condo.

nakedking – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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