This 16-Year-Old Says She Doesn’t Want To Hold Herself Back To Make Her Stepsister Feel Better, And Her Stepmom Is Calling Her A Stuck-Up Brat

progressman - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 16-year-old girl has a stepsister named Amy, who is the exact same age as her. Although she and Amy do go to the same school and are in the same grade, they don’t hang out with the same kids and don’t have any classes in common.

So, she really hasn’t spent any kind of quality time with Amy during school hours. Several years back, her dad and Amy’s mom met at a school function, and then they started dating.

They also got married earlier this year after accidentally getting pregnant. She admits that now that Amy’s mom and her dad all live together with them, things are getting bizarre.

Her mom is currently in another country for work and will be for the next couple of years, and Amy’s dad is not in her life at all, so they’re all living on top of one another and get no reprieve.

“I could tell Amy hated the whole idea of our parents being together from the start, and I thought it was just that she didn’t like all the changes,” she explained.

“I didn’t know until later that it was partly because of me. She makes a lot of comments about me being “Miss Perfect” and how everyone caters to me because I’m pretty. I think I’m average at best, I play sports, so I stay in shape, but I’m nothing special, and I can’t do makeup to save my life.”

“Since we all moved in together, though, she has something snarky to say every time I do well at something or go out with friends or anything. I’m in honors classes and AP because the teachers pass me easily because I’m a suck up and an athlete. I get invitations and out-of-school opportunities because of my looks. My friends are all dumb jocks. People only like me because I’m pretty.”

She’s been growing really tired of all of Amy’s nasty, negative comments, and her dad won’t get Amy to stop. Amy’s mom also doesn’t intervene, and both their parents just laugh when they do find out about what Amy says about her.

Eventually, she had had enough of Amy, and she freaked out on her. When she did, she told Amy that even if she was attractive, it could never make her terrible personality any better. She also snapped that Amy should try working on her personality instead of bashing her.

progressman – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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