This House From Stranger Things Is Now For Sale To The Tune Of $1.5 Million Dollars

Calling all Stranger Things fans! Do any of you live in Georgia, or could you see yourself moving there? Well, there’s a house for sale in the city of Rome, Georgia, that is perfect for the ultimate Stranger Things fanatic.

So many of us were completely spooked by the series’ season four villain, Vecna. Get this – his house is for sale!

Yup, for a whopping $1.5 million, Vecna’s home, otherwise known as the Creel House, could be yours.

The stunning gothic home is located at 906 East 2nd Avenue. It was originally built in 1882 by Colonel Hamilton Yancey and still has a gorgeous Victorian look to it, despite some newer renovations made by the current owners.

You can look at pictures of the house on Zillow, which describes visiting the house as “an unforgettable experience.”

It has seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and clocks in at around 6,000 square feet. A lot of the home has been featured in the show, including the stunning formal dining room, living room, and parlor.

Although one of the evilest villains fictionally resided there, it looks like the perfect home to get cozy in on a fall day, with many of the rooms painted a sage green color paired with beautiful hardwood floors.

Despite its old age and Victorian appearance, the massive kitchen has been renovated and is fully equipped with modern appliances. With a 15-foot-long island, it’s the perfect spot for hosting a wine and cheese night.

Georgia MLS; pictured above is an exterior view of the house

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