He Broke Up With His Ex A Year Ago, Yet She And Her Kids Are Still Buying Things On His Amazon Account And Using His Streaming Services, So He’s Wondering If It’s Mean To Finally Cut Them Off

Kaspars Grinvalds - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A 37-year-old guy dated his 36-year-old ex-girlfriend for 8 long years, but they ended up breaking up a year ago.

While he was with his ex, he basically turned into a dad. His ex has 3 children who are 15, 16, and 17 right now.

Although he never legally adopted his ex’s children, he was a dad to them nonetheless. Following the breakup, he tried to be friends with his ex for a couple of months; however, he hasn’t heard anything from her since June.

His ex’s kids also have not reached out to him at all, and he figures it’s because they’re all busy in their teen years doing whatever it is teens do.

“My ex and kids still use all my streaming accounts, and she uses my Amazon Prime to buy stuff for herself and her new boyfriend,” he explained.

“I want to just remove access to all of them since no one is talking to me or basically in my life, and yes, I have reached out with no response.”

“It bugs me that I am paying for these subscriptions, and her and her new BF are benefiting from it, but I also don’t want to take these subscriptions away from my kids. I also feel like taking away the Amazon now would make me an AH because it’s Christmas time.”

He is aware that his ex and her kids are all taking advantage of him, so he thinks it’s time to put his foot down and stop this.

Although he wishes he could give the kids all of his passwords and not his ex, he knows she will figure out the passwords and go right back to using all of his accounts and him.

Kaspars Grinvalds – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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