Her Cousin Is Currently Expecting Triplets But Has A Low-Paying Job, No Car, No Savings, And No Partner In The Picture, So She Tried To Give Her Cousin A Reality Check, And She Got Freaked Out On 

ALEXSTUDIO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-one-year-old woman’s younger cousin, who is twenty-eight, recently found out she is pregnant. And even though her cousin could not be more excited, she is honestly pretty worried.

Apparently, her cousin learned she is actually expecting triplets. Plus, the father of the children is a “real piece of work” who will not be in the picture or offering any financial support, according to her.

On top of that, her cousin does not earn a lot of money in her current position, doesn’t have a car, and basically has no savings in the bank.

So, she is genuinely concerned about how her cousin will make ends meet in addition to being the sole parent of three infants.

“I myself have two kids, and even with the financial and emotional support of my partner, it can be very stressful,” she admitted.

This realization led her to try and help out her cousin over the past few weeks. More specifically, she has gently tried to illuminate the situation and make her cousin recognize that the road ahead will not be without its speed bumps and challenges.

According to her, though, it is as if her cousin has her head stuck in the sand. The only thing her cousin is choosing to focus on is how amazing the experience will be and how blessed she is to be having three babies at once. Moreover, her cousin claims that she will just figure the entire situation out as she goes.

Well, on Christmas Eve, her cousin’s optimism kind of came tumbling down. And it all began with a baby scavenger hunt.

Apparently, her cousin wanted to surprise the rest of the family about her pregnancy using a scavenger hunt. So, her cousin set up the whole thing, and the end led to three baby onesies.

ALEXSTUDIO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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