She Vanished On Christmas 26 Years Ago And A Day Later Her Husband Filed For Divorce: Then Her Blood Was Found All Over Their Bedroom

On Christmas Day back in 1996, 32-year-old Patty Vaughan vanished, and in the 26 years since then, nobody has seen or heard from her.

Two months before Patty went missing, she and her husband, J.R., whom she got married to in 1985, separated.

She continued to live in the house that they shared that sat on Oak Park Road while he left to live in a San Antonio apartment.

Patty and her husband had three young children, who stayed in the main house with Patty amid the separation.

In the weeks before Patty’s disappearance, she began seeing an old boyfriend of hers, and that seemed to have made Patty’s estranged husband upset. They did get into an argument about this on Christmas Day.

Patty’s husband recalled seeing her between the hours of 6:30 to 9 on Christmas night, and that was it.

Patty’s husband maintained that she drove away from their home, and he never heard from her or saw her after that. He was not the one who reported her missing; her family did.

The day after Patty went missing, her husband went through with filing for divorce. That same day, Patty’s car was found abandoned 15 miles away from where she lived.

CUE Center for Missing Persons; pictured above is Patty Vaughan

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