Her In-Laws Disinvited Her From Christmas Because She Didn’t Treat Her Husband Like A “Prince,” But Then Her Husband Overslept And Missed His Flight Home For The Holiday, So She Is Now Being Blamed For That, Too

But, on the morning of his trip, her husband apparently slept in and did not wake up on time to make it to the airport. So, as you can imagine, he was pissed.

Instead of being angry at himself for oversleeping, though, Al actually tried to blame her for the mistake.

First, he woke up and began freaking out on her– yelling about how she was just being petty by not waking him up to catch the flight, despite asking her to.

Honestly, though, she claims that the only reason why she didn’t wake Al up was that she had been sleeping, too.

“Why would I wake up early just to wake him up?” she noted.

Anyway, it turned out that her husband’s phone had been away since he hated sleeping near electronics. And without an alarm, Al totally missed his wake-up time.

So, her husband ended up leaving in a big rush, hurried to the airport, and attempted to get onto another flight. But, because the airport was beyond packed, Al ultimately failed.

In turn, her husband was forced to just go back to their house and missed out on celebrating Christmas with his family.

Now, ever since hearing about what happened, his entire family has also blamed her for the entire mishap.

Her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law are specifically pissed off and believe that she purposefully made her husband miss his flight in order to get back at her in-laws and isolate Al from the rest of his family.

Her husband has not gotten over what happened since then, either, and is still accusing her of acting “petty,” “vicious,” and ruining the entire holiday for him.

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