Her Son Refused To Dance With Her At His High School Graduation Dance, And Now He’s Saying He’s Never Going To Get Married Because He Never Wants To Deal With Dance Drama Again

nyul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A mom has a son named Ben, who just graduated from high school pretty recently. As part of graduation, Ben’s school held a formal dance, which she was super excited about, as she was looking forward to getting to do a mom-and-son dance.

She mentioned this to Ben multiple times in the days leading up to his formal dance, but Ben kept telling her that he was not interested in dancing at all.

She figured he was just being really reserved and couldn’t be serious about the matter. Finally, the day of Ben’s formal arrived, and as they walked into the place, it looked absolutely gorgeous.

“But when it came time for the formal dances, he was nowhere to be seen,” she explained. “I approached my older daughter, Alice, and my husband, who I could see were talking and laughing. I asked if they’d seen Ben, and they laughed and said he was going to go hide, so he didn’t have to dance.”

“I was absolutely heartbroken. My son was literally hiding from me! I stood in the corner during the mother-son dance, watching all his friends dance with their moms. I couldn’t take it, so I told my husband and daughter that I was walking home.”

“When they got home, Ben walked right past me and went to his room to get ready for the after-party. My daughter hugged me and went to get ready because she was driving Ben to the party.”

After Ben and her daughter left to go to the after-party, she and her husband wound up getting into a disagreement about what had gone down at Ben’s formal.

Her husband truly believed that how she acted was atrocious and very childish to boot. She replied back that she thought it was the least Ben could do dancing with her at the formal.

Her husband then pointed out that Ben’s formal should have been all about Ben and what he has accomplished so far, but she made it about her.

nyul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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