Here’s A Super Creative And Festive Way To Wrap The Christmas Presents That You’re About To Put Under The Tree

TikTok - @wrappinqueen

There’s just something exciting and attention-grabbing about a pile of presents sitting underneath the Christmas tree, no matter how or what they are wrapped with.

But wouldn’t you like to add a personal touch to your gift? If you’re sick of all the same old patterns of wrapping paper, try out this super creative way to wrap a present.

Nikki (@wrappinqueen) creates content all about gift-wrapping ideas and methods, and she’s helping TikTok users get more festive this holiday season.

Between prepping for Christmas parties and decorating the house, who has time to create elaborately wrapped presents?

Well, this idea is so quick and easy to do that it won’t cut into your busy schedule at all.

It is the perfect gift-wrapping idea that adds a dash of Christmas magic for your friends who don’t live with snow.

All it takes is a roll of brown Kraft wrapping paper, cellophane, and fake snow. Bet you’ve never seen this idea before!

Wrap up a gift in Kraft paper, then use cellophane to loosely wrap the object, making sure to keep one end open.

Next, grab a packet of fake snow and dump it in the open end. Finally, securely tape the loose end shut and shake it around so the “snow” can spread evenly. And that’s it; you’re done!

TikTok – @wrappinqueen

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