One Of Her Bridesmaids Has Psoriasis On Her Scalp, So She’s Concerned Her Hair Will Look Bad At Her Wedding

Alexander - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A woman is set to get married this upcoming March, and one of her friends who she asked to be a bridesmaid, is named Aubrey.

Aubrey does have pretty severe psoriasis, and understandably, it makes Aubrey feels really self-conscious.

“She’s wearing a long-sleeved dress in the wedding, by her own request,” she explained. “At the time, the only visible places were her arms and legs.”

“In recent months, it’s developed on her scalp. She’s had to buy a special shampoo, so the patches and flakes don’t show in her hair. Once again, she’s super self-conscious. According to her, doing the treatment herself really hurts and makes her feel worse about herself.”

“Her dermatologist prescribed a special shampoo and conditioner that’s supposed to help loosen it so she can brush and comb it out. She does what she can do it doesn’t look too bad, but sometimes she just gives up, and the flakes show. They’re big, plaque-like flakes that pop up on her scalp. She wears a lot of hats or hoodies.”

She really has an issue with Aubrey’s psoriasis, but not so much on her body, as she says she wouldn’t have cared if Aubrey wanted to wear a dress with short sleeves and her psoriasis showed on her legs and arms.

What really upsets her is the psoriasis on Aubrey’s scalp, as she believes it makes her hair look messy, and you can always see flakes in her hair.

“It’s her hair, so I don’t care on every other day….except my wedding,” she said.

“I originally told the girls I don’t care how they do their hair, they don’t have to use my stylist, can do it themselves, even if they don’t do anything special. However, with Aubrey, I feel it’s not too much to ask she treats it.”

Alexander – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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