She Got Stalked By A Guy In The Gym Who Also Did Something To Her Water Bottle And Another Woman Alerted Her To This, Which May Have Saved Her Life

TikTok - @thejenncooke

One woman narrowly avoided what she perceived as an attempt to kidnap her for human trafficking during her pilates class at the gym.

Jenn Cooke (@thejenncooke) is warning women on TikTok to stay safe by being vigilant and hyperaware of their surroundings after she experienced a scary close call.

A man had followed her into her pilates studio without her knowing. And it scares her to think about it because Jenn has no idea how long the man had been tracking her.

So after setting down her stuff at a pilates machine, she headed toward the bathroom. And that was when she noticed him because he started walking in the same direction as her. Something about the man felt off to her, especially when she saw his outfit.

“So he apparently paid cash and was a walk-in. He’s in cargo shorts. You don’t wear cargo shorts to pilates. This guy clearly just had an agenda. He comes back to the bathroom, starts making this like weird conversation with me. It’s very forward, very bold,” Jenn explained.

The man wanted to know things like where she was from, what classes she attended, and how long she had been going to the studio they were at.

At the moment, Jenn didn’t think much of the man and simply wrote him off as a weird, slightly invasive guy.

But her perspective changed entirely when she went back to her pilates machine and spoke with the woman on the machine next to hers.

The woman informed Jenn that a man had been messing with her water bottle. So, of course, Jenn stopped drinking from it, which she believes was the move that saved her from harm.

If you’re a woman, you’ve definitely been warned never to leave your drink unattended at bars or parties. Well, this also applies to water bottles at the gym. You can never be too safe!

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