She Just Found Out That Her Boyfriend Is Homeless And Living Out Of His Car, Even Though He Does Have Money

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A girl has been dating her 33-year-old boyfriend for the last 11 months, and just one month ago, she found out a major secret that her boyfriend has been keeping from her.

Apparently, he’s homeless and living out of his car. He’s been doing this since the end of 2021 too.

Now, it’s not like her boyfriend doesn’t have money; in fact, he gets paid very well at his job and also has $85,000 saved in crypto.

“Yet he says he didn’t want to “throw away” money by renting, and since he’s rarely home (due to long work hours), he figured that it’s was a waste to pay the expensive rent prices in our city,” she explained.

“He says he lied to me because he was embarrassed, and he didn’t want me to feel pressured or burdened.”

“Recently there’s been lot of tension between us; partially because of his lie and his poor communication during conflicts, so I broke up with him. Few days after the breakup, he randomly offered to take me shopping for snow preparedness even though we weren’t talking.”

She agreed to meet up with him, and they did get to chat face-to-face for the very first time since splitting up.

He did say that he was sorry and committed to doing better if she would give him another chance. Well, right after their chat, her boyfriend got into an accident while driving, so she said he could stay at her place while he waited for his car to get fixed.

And since he’s been staying at her place, she’s thinking she should offer to let him move in for good, as she can’t bear the thought of allowing him to go back to living out of his car.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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