She’s Telling You How You Can Transform Your Dining Room Into An Expensive Looking Restaurant This Christmas

TikTok - @.thelastbunch

Christmas is hands down the best time of year. From gift shopping to home decor, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy during the holiday season.

But home decor is probably where you have to exercise the most creativity. Every year, you have to think up new ways to adorn your home while keeping with the Christmas spirit.

Well, if you’re fresh out of ideas this year, how about trying out a eucalyptus hanging centerpiece for your Christmas table?

It’ll make your dining area look just like an expensive restaurant, which will make the meal even more appetizing.

TikToker @.thelastbunch is showing everyone how to create an elaborate, eye-catching eucalyptus decoration that will leave your guests open-mouthed and in awe.

Start by finding a big eucalyptus branch and wrapping chicken wire around the branch. Then, attach it to the ceiling using hooks.

Command hooks are not recommended here because they might not be strong enough to hold up the branch.

The last thing you want is for your decorations to come crashing down on top of the table, ruining the food in the process and leaving everyone with empty stomachs. It’s every host’s worst nightmare.

So instead, drill holes into the ceiling and fasten the hooks that way. Once the large branch is affixed to the ceiling, take your various sprigs of eucalyptus and weave them throughout the branch.

It will become fuller as you keep building it up. Continue adding more leaves until you’re satisfied with the look.

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