This Recipe For Steak Crostini Really Only Requires 3 Main Things: Steak, Bread, And Goat Cheese

TikTok - @eclecticcravings

Are you looking for a New Year’s app consisting of simple, classic flavors? Because if that’s the case, then this steak crostini may be exactly what you’ve been doggedly scouring the recipe books for.

Many individuals out there love a good-tasting, juicy steak. So when it’s time to party, produce this bite-sized snack and watch people eat it up.

Pair it with a glass of red wine or a good, old beer to start the celebrations off the way they were meant to be.

Cryssy Huff (@eclecticcravings) on TikTok is sharing her recipe for steak crostini, which is made up of three main parts: steak, bread, and goat cheese.

So let’s get into the recipe and cook something up for your more carnivorous friends.

First, sprinkle some salt and pepper on your beautiful-looking steaks. Secondly, place one onto a preheated cast iron skillet.

When the steak has been cooked halfway, add butter, garlic, and thyme. Continue to spoon the garlic butter mixture over your steak while it sears.

After the steaks are finished cooking, let them sit for ten minutes before cutting into them in order to ensure that the juices have been properly absorbed.

Then, grab a baguette and slice it into multiple pieces. Brush them with olive oil and broil them until they turn a lovely golden brown color.

For the herbed goat cheese, pour in some olive oil, salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes. Those who aren’t fans of goat cheese can select an alternative replacement.

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