This Teen’s Cousin Tried To Pressure Her At His Wedding Into Gifting Her Taylor Swift Tickets To His New Wife, And He Did It In Front Of All Of His Guests

stivog - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A 17-year-old girl luckily was able to get tickets for Taylor Swift’s Era’s Tour, and I’m sure you’re aware it was basically impossible for people to get tickets for this.

She ended up waiting over 5 hours in an online queue in order to successfully get the tickets, and she’s been a fan of Taylor Swift since she was only 2-years-old.

Anyway, her 29-year-old cousin John just got married to his wife, 27-year-old Jane, and she was invited to go along with her mom and dad.

While she was at John’s wedding, one of her other cousins asked her if she had been able to get Taylor Swift tickets, and she was super excited to tell this cousin that she managed to get the tickets.

John happened to overhear this conversation, and he then turned around and privately asked her if she would be interested in giving the tickets to Jane since Jane had attempted to get tickets but wasn’t successful.

“I said that I waited a long time to get my ticket and that I didn’t want to give it up because, as he knows, I love Taylor Swift and I’m really excited about going to the concert with my friends,” she explained.

“He seemed disappointed but ultimately walked away. I went back to my table and thought nothing of it. Then John and Jane had their first dance, which was to Taylor Swift’s Lover. At the end of the dance, he got the microphone and told everyone at the wedding that I had so kindly decided to give Jane my Taylor Swift ticket as a wedding gift.”

“Jane started crying and said I was the best cousin ever and that I made her wedding day ten times better. I stood there in shock, and I asked if I could speak to her in private, but she brushed me off. I tried to talk to John too, but he ignored me.”

Well, for the rest of the wedding, all of her family members approached her to say that it was so grown up of her to gift her Taylor Swift tickets to Jane and that it was such a sweet way to make Jane feel like a part of their family.

stivog – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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