This Viral TikTok Of One Little Girl Throwing A Temper Tantrum While Opening A Surprise On Christmas Morning Has Got Social Media Users Everywhere In A Heated Debate

“Nooo! I wanted a princess one!” the little girl whined before hitting the box away from her.

Still, what Millie and Olivia did not know was that inside those suitcases, there were even more surprises. So, Angela asked if Millie would like to open up the luggage, but the little girl refused to open up the present and just continued crying.

At that point, Olivia was told she could just look inside her suitcase alone. And she displayed a lot of patience and gratitude while opening the contents of the luggage.

Inside, there were numerous Disney-themed T-shirts, one of which included some Minnie Mouse ears on it. And eventually, after getting to the bottom of the shirt stack, the wheels began to turn in Olivia’s mind, and she asked her mom if they would be going to Disney World.

Angela did not give up the surprise there, though, and simply told her eldest daughter to keep unwrapping. Then finally, at the bottom of the suitcase, there was a heartfelt message from Angela and her husband– describing how the girls would be going on a four-day Disney cruise!

Throughout this entire special moment, though, Millie was very resistant to opening the gifts at all. And even after the Disney cruise was announced, the little girl still seemed to be a bit moody.

So, it appears that Angela posted this TikTok on the social platform, thinking that it would be perceived as funny or harmless. She even jokingly captured the video, “When your Christmas surprise doesn’t go as planned.”

But, her daughter’s seemingly ungrateful response went completely viral and sparked a serious divide in the comment section. The TikTok received over 10.5 million views, gained one million likes, and spurred nearly sixty thousand comments from users arguing over Millie’s behavior.

Some condemned the little girl for her reaction and attitude, even going so far as to say that Millie is the reason they don’t want children. On top of that, they also berated Angela for how Millie was not reprimanded.

“We are all going to Disney World except the little one, lol,” joked one user.

“The eye rolls, the kicks, the yelling, the ungratefulness… and NO punishment!!! I am over grateful for my kiddos after this,” opined another.

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