Her College Roommate’s Behavior Suddenly Changed And Became Completely Creepy

Mircea.Netea - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The roommates that you get assigned to in college can be hit or miss. They either become your best friend, remain a total stranger, or become your worst enemy. 

One woman recently shared a story about one of her roommates from her Junior year of college that was most certainly unforgettable. 

During her Junior year, she lived in a college apartment with five other roommates. They all got along very well at the beginning of the year.

They went to clubs together, watched TV in their living room, etc. One of the roommates was a girl named Kate, a dance major and free spirit. Everyone loved hanging out with her. For a while, at least. 

She overheard Kate on the phone early in the school year with her mom. She could hear that they were arguing and Kate reassuring her mom that she was “taking her meds.”

She thought nothing of it at the time since everything was going great. But around springtime, Kate started acting strange.

One of the roommates, Nicole, started complaining because Kate would always show up at the campus store where she worked.

She would start talking to Nicole for long periods of time and distracting her from work. She showed up so often that Nicole would have to start hiding from her whenever she walked in.

Kate had become sort of obsessed with Nicole and would become upset over not being able to spend enough time with her. 

More weird things happened surrounding Kate, like when they discovered that she had racked up hundreds of dollars in parking tickets from campus police. At one point, they found out that she had quit her classes and her part-time job.

Mircea.Netea – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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