She Found Out Her Late Husband Had Been Cheating For Five Years After He Got Into A Fatal Car Accident While Away On A “Work Trip,” Then The Mistress Had The Nerve To Show Up At The Funeral And She Had Her Removed

Vasilev Evgenii - - illustrative purposes only

This woman and her husband had three children together– two sons, who are 19 and 17-years-old, as well as a daughter, who is 7-years-old.

And, about three weeks ago, she and the kids stayed back at home while her husband claimed to be going on a work trip halfway across the country.

According to her, though, she and her family later found out that was “just another one of his lies.” Instead of traveling for work, her husband had actually just gone away to meet up with his affair partner and cheat on her.

Plus, to make matters even worse, her husband ended up getting into a fatal car accident. This meant that his death was the only reason she ever found out about the infidelity– which had reportedly been going on for the past five years.

So, as you can imagine, she has been dealing with all sorts of conflicting emotions.

“Yeah… it’s been a very fun few weeks. Feel fantastic,” she said sarcastically.

As for the children, only her eldest son currently knows about the affair. However, she, her son, and the rest of her family all agreed to keep the secret to themselves.

More recently, though, while trying to coordinate the funeral, yet another problem arose concerning her late husband’s affair partner.

Apparently, the other woman wanted to be involved in the whole event. Understandably, though, she told her late husband’s mistress that would not be possible and asked for her family’s privacy to simply be respected.

Vasilev Evgenii – – illustrative purposes only

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