In 2009, This 22-Year-Old Vanished In Florida After Attempting To Flee An Abusive Relationship, And Her Family Fears That Her Abuser May Have Been Involved

Facebook - pictured above is Laura

Laura Nimbach of St. Petersburg, Florida, was known by her friends and family as a very independent young woman.

She was a model student during high school and got accepted into Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, following graduation in 2004.

Laura’s initial plan was to study nursing in hopes of helping others. But, soon afterward, she shifted courses– dropping out of Wayne State and moving to Clearwater, Florida. This move reportedly came while Laura attempted to flee an abusive relationship.

Once Laura relocated to the sunshine state, though, her life only became more turbulent. Unfortunately, she began to struggle with prescription drug abuse– reportedly becoming unstable and constantly moving around.

Then, in January 2009, the then-22-year-old found herself in another abusive relationship. Still, it appears that Laura recognized the pattern and wanted to seek help.

She began living in domestic violence shelters located in Clearwater and was eager to join rehabilitation programs offered by the shelters.

By February 15 of that year, though, Laura’s life changed forever. That day, she was reportedly angry.

Apparently, someone was supposed to pick Laura up from the shelter for a date, according to her cousin.

Then, the next day, Laura decided to leave the domestic violence shelter for a still unknown reason. It is not clear where she went or what she did that day, though.

Facebook – pictured above is Laura

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