In June Of 2020, She Mysteriously Disappeared From Her 116-Acre Ranch, Leaving Her Phone, Purse, And Truck Behind: Just Two Weeks Prior, She Designated Her Alleged Fiancé As A Beneficiary Of Her Estate

Facebook - pictured above is Lydia

Lydia “Dia” Abrams was born and raised in San Diego, California, where in 1984, she married her husband Clem Abrams and had two children together– Crisara and Clinton.

According to Clinton, his mother was a sweet, kind, and caring person who loved animals and always sought out adventure.

“She liked to go to national parks and hike. She liked to travel,” he told Dateline in an interview earlier this year.

By 2018, though, Clem sadly passed away, and Dia was left to take over the one-hundred-and-sixteen-acre family ranch located in Mountain Center– about two hours away from San Diego. She reportedly loved the new responsibility, though, because the property was home to two of her favorite interests: animals and nature.

Two years prior, Dia also met her seventy-three-year-old boyfriend Keith, who is the current ranch manager. They hit it off on a dating site, and within about two months of dating, Keith moved in with Dia at the ranch.

According to him, in June 2019, the pair even got engaged while hiking in an area known as “The Butterfly.”

“It’s like a little rock formation. She was the brightest, most energetic individual,” Keith said of Dia.

Dia was also extremely close with one more person in her life: her friend Diana Fedder, whom she met in 2015.

The girlfriends were neighbors living in the small community of Mountain Center together, and Diana claims to have loved Dia from the minute they met.

Facebook – pictured above is Lydia

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