New Comprehensive Assessment Finds That Annual Incidence Rates Of Parkinson’s Disease In The United States Are 50% Greater Than Previous Estimates

The prevalence of Parkinson’s disease diagnoses also varies depending on gender and geographic location.

Males were found to have higher incidence estimates as compared to females of all ages. These estimates are also higher in distinct geographic locations: such as Southern California, Central Pennsylvania, Southeastern Texas, Florida, and the “Rust Belt.”

“The growth in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease underscores the need to invest in more research toward better treatments, a cure, and one day, prevention,” advocated Brian Fiske, the study’s co-author and chief scientific officer of MJFF.

“It is also a clear call to lawmakers to implement policies that will lessen the burden of Parkinson’s disease on American families and programs like Medicare and Social Security.”

The results of this study could impact a wide range of other areas– for instance, the recruitment strategies of research studies and what individuals enroll. Additionally, the updated incidence rates with corresponding geographical data could inform change-makers about disease “hot spots” where more Parkinson’s resources are in critical need.

To read the study’s complete findings, which have since been published in NPJ Parkinson’s Disease, visit the link here.

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