She Didn’t Let Her Brother’s Girlfriend Sit With The Bridal Party At Her Wedding Because She Wanted Candid Photos Of The Group, And Her Brother Freaked Out On Her

nataliakabliuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman had been planning her wedding for nearly two years, and just last week, she finally got to tie the knot.

But, with so much planning, she understandably wanted the wedding to get perfectly. So, she arranged to have some of her favorite people by her side on her big day. Her brother was her husband’s best man, and her sisters were her bridesmaids.

Her brother’s girlfriend was also in attendance, but she claims that the girlfriend never really warmed up to her.

“And frankly, it seems like she does not like me,” she revealed.

Nonetheless, she invited her brother’s girlfriend as a guest out of courtesy, and everything had been going fine. Well, that was until after the ceremony when it was time for everyone to take their seats.

She specifically wanted her maid of honor, the bridesmaids, the best man, and the groomsmen to be seated with her and her husband– at least until all of the photographers were done catching some candid shots of the bridal party.

As they went to sit down, though, she noticed that her brother had gone to pull up an extra chair for his girlfriend. And honestly, she asked her brother to stop.

First, she said that they needed all of the dress and suit colors to match in the photos. She also pointed out how the numbers needed to be kept even for the photo composition.

Regardless, though, her brother’s girlfriend looked immediately offended. So, she quickly reassured both her brother and his girlfriend that the pictures would just take a few minutes.


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