His Brother And Sister-In-Law Started Trashing Him And His Wife’s Work Ethic, So He Shut Them Down By “Reminding” Them About How Much Money He Makes

nyul - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old man and his mother, who is fifty-one, recently decided to invite his in-laws and some of her friends over for a dinner party.

Now, he and his wife, who is twenty-nine, were honestly a bit hesitant at first– because apparently, his family and his in-laws do not always get along.

“They don’t openly fight or anything but lots of passive-aggressive behavior, and this usually makes us feel uncomfortable since we are in the middle of both families,” he explained.

Still, they ended up going through with the plan. And surprisingly, he claims that everyone got along just fine.

In fact, he noticed that his siblings and his wife’s siblings were really hitting off. But there was just one problem– everyone was only bonding by talking about all of the characteristics they disliked about him and his wife!

That was obviously a hurtful realization for him and his wife to come to. At that moment, though, they decided to let it slide. After all, their two families were finally making organic conversation.

“And it was small nitpick [things] like my wife being a bit of a slob or me being weird about other people driving my car. It’s expensive,” he added.

So, they did not think there was any real harm coming out of the dinner conversation. Well, that was until later in the evening, when his twenty-eight-year-old sister-in-law named Candice began talking to his brother Frank, who is twenty-five.

Apparently, Candice and Frank started bonding over how much they worked. They both currently have two to three jobs and clock an average of one hundred hours per week.

nyul – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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