He Bought His 17-Year-Old Daughter A Locked Bin After Some Of Their Family Members Wouldn’t Stop Helping Themselves To The Snacks She Bought With Her Own Money - - illustrative purposes only

A 53-year-old man has a daughter who is 17, and his daughter uses her own hard-earned money to purchase special snacks for herself to enjoy.

Now, his wife will invite her siblings and their kids over to the house pretty frequently, and then all of these family members end up eating his daughter’s snacks without asking her first.

Although his daughter has asked their family to please not eat her snacks on several different occasions, nobody has respected her wishes.

“For reference, she likes to order snacks from other countries as a way to broaden her horizons; she’s also linguistically gifted and likes to try and read labels to help expand her vocabulary,” he explained.

“These snacks can take weeks to get after she orders them again, and by then, her current snacks are gone.”

“My wife didn’t do anything, saying that since our daughter kept them in the pantry, they’re for everyone. She moved them to her room, and her cousins would go in when she wasn’t and take them.”

Well, he decided to intervene. He made a trip to his local hardware store and bought a big bin that locked.

He then took it home, drilled a couple of more holes in the bin, and added a few more locks to it as well.

He then gave the bin to his daughter so that she could finally protect her snacks from their family members. – – illustrative purposes only

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