Women Agree That “Pretty Privilege” Is Real, But Bring Up Some Interesting Downsides To Being Judged Based On An Attractive Appearance 

racool_studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The odds are that if you are a woman, you have probably heard the term “pretty privilege” thrown around online in recent years. But, if not, let’s break down the concept.

The idea is that when people are more conventionally attractive– based on societal standards of beauty– then they are supposedly treated with more kindness and respect. They may even be given more opportunities.

So, on the flip side, those who are not considered “pretty” suffer the opposite treatment– sometimes being mistreated, disrespected, and spoken down to.

Now, the emergence of this concept has ruffled some feathers. On the one hand, “pretty” people argue that their romantic endeavors, friendships, work accomplishments, and even just day-to-day social interactions are not a product of their appearance.

On the other hand, though, people who do not benefit from “pretty privilege” claim to be able to see– and experience– what “pretty people” don’t.

Some women online even recently chimed in about this modern debate, and interestingly, the answer to whether or not pretty privilege really exists was a resounding yes.

The most common proof of this has to do with body size. Well, more specifically, when women lose weight, they claim that they are treated inherently better and provided with much more attention.

“At my skinniest and most unhealthy, I was treated really well and complimented all the time.” –Bedhair_123

“I’m five foot three and went from one hundred and eighty pounds to one hundred and twenty-two pounds. Now, people stare at me like I’m a puppy during conversations.” –Geraldbwilsonjr

racool_studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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