12 Years Ago, She Mysteriously Vanished While Working Aboard A Cruise Ship

Mariusz Blach - - illustrative purposes only

Rebecca Coriam grew up in Chester, England, with her sister and two foster brothers. As a teen, she was a student at Chester Catholic High School before graduating and attending Plymouth University at Exter.

While in college, Rebecca studied sports science. She also had work experience at the Chester Zoo and adored both the outdoors and children.

So, in June 2010, Rebecca set her sights on a new opportunity. She traveled to London to interview for a job on a Disney cruise.

After applying alongside hundreds of other job seekers, Rebecca did land the gig. She was ecstatic and subsequently went to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida for a four-day training session.

Once she successfully completed her training, Rebecca started working as a youth counselor on a Disney cruise ship.

Sadly, though, just four months into her new role, the 24-year-old lost her grandfather. This pushed Rebecca to request two months off from work. She ultimately went back home to spend two weeks with her family; then, she planned to use the rest of her time off for personal excursions.

After she left her hometown, though, Rebecca’s family never saw her in person again.

Rebecca’s Disappearance

The 24-year-old did safely make it back to work on the Disney Wonder cruise ship, which was based in the port of Los Angeles. Rebecca spent an additional six weeks working on the ship– while it traveled to the Mexican Riviera and the Panama Canal– before she disappeared.

Mariusz Blach – – illustrative purposes only

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