He Accused His Sister Of Being A Gold Digger After She Cried To Him About How Her Boyfriend Bought Her Jewelry With Artificial Diamonds

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This 29-year-old man has a sister a year younger than him, and a couple of days ago, she approached him to say she got into a fight with her 31-year-old boyfriend.

His sister sobbed as she filled him in, and she was so wildly upset about what her boyfriend bought her for her birthday.

“She was crying to me about how he bought her artificial diamonds for her birthday even though “he knows how much she treasures and values genuine jewelry,” he explained.

“I told her that maybe she should consider that real diamonds would be too much of a financial strain, but she seemed shocked that I would say this and kept going on.”

“She told me how he took her to a cheaper resort for their last anniversary and how this example demonstrates his overall behavior was showing a lack of commitment to her.”

He didn’t feel any sympathy for his sister at all. Instead, he just felt completely and utterly disgusted with his sister for being so unbelievably unappreciative regarding the things her boyfriend does for her.

So, he questioned his sister about what she did for her boyfriend to celebrate their anniversary, and his sister got angry with him.

She then pointed out she wanted him to just be supportive of her instead of trying to get into a disagreement with her.

“I told her that her materialistic attitude towards relationships is toxic, and she needs to reevaluate it because she honestly sounds like a gold digger,” he said.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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