He Made A TikTok Video Showing Just How Insanely Expensive Fruits In Japan Are, And Here’s Why That Is

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Can you imagine walking into your local grocery store, getting to the fruit section, and spotting a watermelon priced at $130?

This is the case in a Japanese grocery store that travel TikTok creator Steven (@allstarsteven) spotted during his adventures.

Steven makes tons of TikTok videos about life in Japan for his followers. His bio encourages people to follow him for “anything Japanese.”

His videos range from apartment tours to walking around Japanese convenience stores and pointing out some of the cultural differences.

In one of his more viral videos, he walks around a grocery store to look at the sky-high prices on some of the fruits that we can buy for a very cheap price in the United States.

For example, a pack of strawberries was equal to $12. Two peaches were $16. One pineapple went up to $20!

So why is fruit so expensive in Japan?

According to an article by TimeOut Tokyo, fruit is not really intended for casual snacking in Japan like it is in the United States.

“In many parts of the world, fruit is eaten as an everyday snack,” writes Jessica Thompson for TimeOut.

fotomaximum – – illustrative purposes only

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