He Made A TikTok Video Showing Just How Insanely Expensive Fruits In Japan Are, And Here’s Why That Is

“But for Japan, it is regarded as a precious gift given to someone you want to impress, show your gratitude to, or wish well.”

The article also states that it is much harder to grow fruit in Japan. Because the country’s landmass is 80% mountains, there isn’t a ton of room for fruit crops, making the process of growing and selling fruit very labor-intensive.

Fruit that is given as a gift is also held to an extremely high standard, leading to an extremely high price.

“This regal status means the fruit must be a premium product worthy of gifting,” writes Emma Thompson. “In other words, they should be perfect and blemish-free.”

This would explain why some of the fruit shown in Steven’s video looks absolutely stunning. The melons look like they’ve been painted, the strawberries are large and bright red, and the pineapples are a lovely yellow with perfect leaves.

According to the TimeOut article, there is cheaper and more accessible fruit available in Japan. If you find yourself there, craving some fruit on a budget, be sure to seek out some of Japan’s most delicious fruits from local vendors when they’re in season. This includes figs, Asian pears, and mandarins.


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