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Here Are 9 Gifts On Etsy That You Can Get Your Dog For Valentine’s Day

Images courtesy of Etsy

Let’s be real: regardless of whether you have a partner or not, your dog is truly your best friend. When you get home from work each night, your pup is there– wagging its tail and practically bursting with excitement. And if you have a bad day, your four-legged friend will curl up right next to you for some much-needed cuddles.

And it might be easy to forget, but in your dog’s life, you are “their person.” They look up to you like a parent and value your care and affection over everything. Plus, when you are gone, your pup practically just waits for the moment you get back.

So, even if you already spoil your dog with pets and treats on the day-to-day, be their Valentine this February 14. After all, the holiday is the perfect excuse to shower them with even more affection and show them how much you really care. Plus, we found some of the most amazing Valentine’s Day-themed dog gifts that are just downright adorable. So, sit back, relax, and keep scrolling to find the perfect present for your pup.

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Heart Dog Collar Accessory 

Image courtesy of Etsy

Who doesn’t love a good puppy photo op? With this heart dog collar accessory, you will get plenty of totally Instagram-able pics.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to go out and purchase a brand-new collar if you already have a perfectly good one at home, either. Instead, this is simply a handmade wool-felted heart attachment that can be added to any collar or harness.

You can also opt to add more than one to your pup’s getup for a more lovable look and select from a wide range of color options– including red, pink, purple, yellow, blue, and black.

You can purchase the Heart Dog Collar Accessory here on Etsy from Shopmimigreen for $14.50.

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