Not Only Did She Kick Her Sister Out Of Her Bridal Party, But She Also Uninvited Her From Her Wedding After Her Sister Picked A Bridesmaid Dress That Looked Exactly Like Her Wedding Dress

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This woman is getting married soon, and instead of picking her older sister to be her maid of honor, she asked her best friend to hold this special role.

Considering the fact that a maid of honor needs to assist the bride, she knew her sister wouldn’t be up to that task.

Her sister has her hands full with two children who are in school, and her sister has epilepsy, so she cannot drive.

That’s pretty much how she arrived at the conclusion that her best friend should be the maid of honor, but she did ask her sister to be the matron of honor.

While the maid and matron of honor are essentially the same things, a maid of honor is someone who is not married, and a matron of honor is someone who has had a wedding before.

But anyway, she wanted her sister to feel special without being burdened with having to help her plan her wedding.

Anyway, when it came time for her bridesmaids to purchase their dresses, she instructed the girls to get a floor-length style dress in a given color.

She did give everyone permission to pick out their own style, so long as they followed her 2 rules, and she requested that every girl send her a picture of their dress before buying it so she could approve it.

She then said to all of her bridesmaids that they should get silver-colored shoes and stud earrings as their accessories.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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