Now That Her Wedding Is 3 Months Away, She’s Afraid That She Has Really Outgrown Her Fiancé And Should Call It Off, But She Has Other Fears Getting In The Way Of Ending Things

kegfire - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old girl has a 27-year-old fiancé whom she has been with for 6 years. Her fiancé also happens to be the very first guy that she has ever dated, and she really doesn’t know what her life would be like without him.

She always looked at him as her entire world, and their relationship really hasn’t been all rainbows and roses.

Both her family and his family are incredibly harsh, and that has really caused them to struggle. On top of all of that, her fiancé’s mom is someone she really resents, and this woman has really made her life miserable.

They were able to overcome so many difficulties in their time together, specifically caused by family members, and a little under a year ago, her fiancé proposed to her.

“I’ve had my doubts and concerns over the years, but I could never get myself to let go because it felt like I’d die without this person, and the more the family tried to separate us, the more we wanted to stay together, as if of stubbornness,” she explained.

“Now, after all this time, our families are on board, and we’ve spent 10s of thousand of dollars on the wedding down payments and my dress. As I’ve mentioned, I definitely had doubts but just tried to ignore them. However, recently I started getting this deadly feeling in my gut like something isn’t right. I couldn’t sleep, eat, or move, and it all related back to the idea of us getting married.”

“Whenever anyone mentions anything related to me getting married, I don’t get happy and excited. Instead, I want to dig a hole and hide in it forever. What makes all of this 100x worse is that my partner is overall a great person, loving, caring, generous, and for the most part, understanding. He is 100% committed to the idea of us getting married. He doesn’t deserve this, but do I deserve to live with these feelings?”

She honestly believes that she has “outgrown” her fiancé, and he can’t see this at all. She doesn’t see how she and her fiancé have any similarities anymore.

For example, she adores working out, yet her fiancé won’t even try to enjoy this activity with her. She has attempted many times to get him into working out with her, but he never took her up on that.

kegfire – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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