She Works In Tech And Is Terrified Of Being Laid Off, But After She Revealed Her Fears To Her Dad, How He Reacted Made Her Cry

“I don’t feel like he even heard me because he started talking about how I’m creating this own narrative in my head that’s over-exaggerating everything and that I’m freaking out over nothing.”

She then began to cry. In hindsight, she thinks that perhaps her dad was attempting to help, but his reaction to her feelings only made her feel worse.

She wishes that her dad had just accepted her feelings and tried to show her sympathy in lieu of a lecture.

She got up, left her dad’s house, and got in her car to head home. On her drive, her dad and stepmom called her several times, though she did not pick up.

“He left a couple of voicemails which I listened to when I got home, but none of them had any actual apology from him,” she said.

“He asked me to please call him back because he’s worried about me, and then he said he thinks it’s petty I walked out and am not answering because it ruined the weekend we were all supposed to have together.”

She’s left wondering if it was rude of her to leave after all. What do you think?

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