These Babysitters Dished On Some Of The Weirdest Gigs They Ever Took

“I was babysitting for a local family who owned car dealerships, and I answered the phone with ‘hello,’ as one does.”

“It was the father who didn’t know his wife had hired a babysitter so she could go to an appointment.”

“And he started in with the stupidest [sultry] voice until he realized it wasn’t his wife. He hung up, and later, he was caught cheating.”


This Sitter Witnessed A Lot Of Cheating

“I nannied for this very rich family with three kids from the west coast who would come to south Florida for summer vacation every year. The mother was in her thirties, clearly had her kids when she was young and was very stereotypically hot.”

“Her husband was a little older, salt and pepper [hair], super handsome, very George Clooney-esque. And their kids were all blond-haired, blue-eyed, cute as [heck]. They absolutely adored their parents.”

“But, dad would help the kids and mom settle in at the house. Then, he would fly back to California for work.”

“I babysat three to five times a week, from 6:30 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Mom would get all dolled up, leave her wedding ring on the kitchen counter, and come home very late, clearly drunk, and sometimes brought men home with her whom she introduced as her ‘friends.'”

“She would often overpay me, which I never complained about, but I worried for the kids.”


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