This Astrologer Is Talking About The Zodiac Stereotypes That Are Pretty Spot On

This Gemini stereotype might sound negative, but Taryn sees a positive spin. 

“Geminis are easily distracted,” she says. “Yes, they are, but for a good reason. They’re trying to learn more about the world around them.”

Taryn also points out that Geminis rarely get stuck in a rut, which she sees as admirable. 

Regarding Cancers, Taryn says the most popular stereotype is that they are protective. Cancers are protective over their loved ones and themselves. It’s a scary world, and Cancers tend to be emotional, so it’s best to keep themselves protected. 

According to Taryn, Virgos are indeed perfectionists. But before any Virgos feel offended, note that being a perfectionist is not always bad.

“A lot of times, you will never witness a Virgo’s perfectionist instincts, but they don’t lose sight of the end goal,” continues Taryn. That sounds like a valuable trait to have!

Taryn says that a stereotype about a Sagittarius that is usually true is that they can be hard to pin down. A Sagittarius is all about adventure and will prioritize their personal growth. If you’re not willing to grow with the Sagittarius in your life, they will most likely move on. 

Next up are Libras. Taryn says that Libras are usually indecisive. 

“They’re constantly aware of the fact that there are multiple solutions to any problem,” explains Taryn. “They’re weighing the potentials of different solutions to the problem.” 

Taryn says that this is why Libras are often diplomatic and make great mediators. 

Scorpios may not like the sound of this stereotype, but again, there is good in it too.

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