This Server Only Got A $3 Tip From A Table Of Customers That Spent 6 Hours At Her Restaurant

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One of my favorite sayings regarding treating waiters and waitresses properly is, “If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out.”

Sure, there are several valid reasons for not tipping a server between 15-20%. Perhaps they never checked on you or were outwardly rude.

But if a server provides excellent service, it should reflect in their tip. 

One waitress recently made a TikTok video about how a table she was serving only tipped her $3 after she waited on them for six hours

Courtney (@courtneyxsekeres) was working a breakfast shift when she seated the table of people who ended up staying there the entire afternoon. 

Ironically, Courtney mentions in a follow-up video that she had lovely interactions with these customers. They told her multiple times throughout their meal that she was giving them great service. 

During those six hours, the customers actually apologized for taking up Courtney’s time and table. Being kind, Courtney told them they could stay as long as they wanted.

In her follow-up video, Courtney stresses that she would never kick out a table of guests, especially if they were already being respectful.  

Yet, once they finally left, Courtney went to collect her tip from them, which ended up being a measly $3. 

Cultura Creative – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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