Her Boyfriend Has Been Locking Her Dog Out Of Their Room The Past Few Nights, So She Finally Went Downstairs To Sleep In Their Guest Room So Her Dog Could Be With Her

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Are there any other pet owners, specifically dog owners, who have their furry friend sleep in bed with them every night out there? I’m one of them! If my dog isn’t in my bed while I sleep, he’s typically on the floor in a pet bed.

This is the reality for tons of pet owners. But some people have problems with it. 

One woman is struggling to compromise with her boyfriend after he told her that her dog couldn’t sleep in bed with them once she moved into his apartment. 

She and her boyfriend, Cameron, are both in their early 30s and have been together for six months. A few weeks ago, he asked her to move into his apartment, and she had just finished bringing in her last few boxes. 

Along with her is Sammy, her nine-year-old dog. She rescued Sammy when he was only two. They’ve seen each other through a lot, including her former abusive relationship. 

Cameron also has a dog, but they have two different outlooks on where their dogs should sleep at night. Cameron’s dog doesn’t sleep anywhere in his room, while Sammy sleeps in bed with her every night. 

Although Sammy has slept in their bed every night for the last month and a half, and Cameron hasn’t said anything, he has a problem now that they’re officially moved into his apartment. 

Cameron has purposefully locked Sammy out of their room the last few nights after she’s fallen asleep before him.

“I expressed my discomfort,” she said. “My dog and I have been through some rough things, and he’s never not slept near me.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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