Her Parents And Sister Are Trying To Guilt-Trip Her Out Of Going On A Trip Abroad Because She Won’t Be Home To Babysit Her Niece On The Weekends

Yuri A/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman used to work remotely. And given the flexibility of her job, she was really interested in traveling during her free time.

So, she started planning a long trip abroad a while ago. More recently, though, she was laid off from her job– but the entire trip was already planned and paid for. She also had a ton of money saved up already and figured she would still go anyway.

Her family was not exactly on board with her going overseas alone, though. This meant that she spent months trying to convince her parents, siblings, and grandparents that everything was going to be fine.

She reassured them that she was only traveling to safe locations and that she had plenty of money to get her through the trip.

“I finally had them in a good spot, and I leave in two weeks,” she said.

All of a sudden, though, her plans drastically changed. Apparently, she often cares for her 2-year-old niece at least once a week while her sister and brother-in-law go out on the weekends.

Her sister, who is 32, goes to the office three days a week and works from home the other two days. Her brother-in-law, who is 39, also works full-time from home. But, since he is in customer service, he is required to stay by his computer at all times.

Then, on the weekends, her sister and brother-in-law get to spend time together. Sometimes they go out to dinner, and other times they go to events like hockey games. Either way, she normally cares for her niece during those outings.

And according to her, the arrangement usually worked out. She would get to keep her child-free Friday and Saturday evenings while only babysitting on Sundays– when the couple most frequently did their own thing.

Yuri A/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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