In 2019, This 22-Year-Old’s Purse Was Found On A Bridge In Pittsburgh The Night She Disappeared: She Was Never Found, And Her Family Continues Searching For Answers

Facebook - pictured above is Tonee

The evening of Monday, December 30, 2019, started off like any other day for Tonee Turner. The 22-year-old from the Hazelwood neighborhood of Pittsburgh stopped at a tea shop known as Dobra Tea. Then, she hopped on a city bus at about 6:00 p.m. to head home.

The bus driver, who saw Tonee often, remembered how she got off at her usual stop on Giddings Street. But what exactly happened after the 22-year-old exited the bus has remained a puzzling mystery. Tonee never arrived at work the following morning, and her loved ones never saw her again.

The Recovery Of Tonee’s Purse

Later that same evening, a Pittsburgh firefighter was riding his bike down the Homestead Grays Bridge when he stumbled upon an abandoned purse on the pedestrian walkway. Even more bizarrely, there was also a ceramic pot and a pair of shoes lying beside the purse.

The cyclist surveyed his surroundings and realized no one else was on the bridge who might have left the items. So, he decided to take the purse home– leaving the ceramic pot and shoes behind.

Once the cyclist made it inside, he inspected the purse’s contents for any identifying belongings. Inside, he found keys, a cell phone, a water bottle, and a journal.

So, the following morning, he decided to call one of the contacts in Tonee’s phone and got in touch with the 22-year-old’s aunt. He detailed what happened– how he found the items on the bridge– and claimed he was just trying to return the purse to its rightful owner.

At that point, Tonee’s aunt revealed that the phone belonged to her niece. Then, that Tuesday morning, the man traveled to the 22-year-old’s family to drop off the items.

Upon meeting, the firefighter informed Tonee’s loved ones that he had also spotted a ceramic pot and a pair of shoes next to the purse. Unfortunately, though, he claimed that he was unable to bring them all back while riding his bike and assumed all of the items would still be on the bridge.

Facebook – pictured above is Tonee

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