He’s Letting His Daughter Live In A Family Beach House During College Since She Will Inherit It In A Few Years, But His Girlfriend Thinks Her Daughter Should Also Be Allowed To Live There And Accused Him Of Favoritism

Jo Ann Snover - - illustrative purposes only

After his grandfather passed away, this 48-year-old man inherited a lovely beach house. The home had been in his family for generations, and it holds a ton of sentimental value.

Now, though, the fate of the beach house has sparked some serious drama in his relationship with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s daughter.

For context, he was previously married and had a daughter named Emmy with his first wife. Then, following his divorce, which ended on good terms, he met his long-term girlfriend– who he has been dating for seven years.

His girlfriend also happened to have a daughter named Kara, who was only three months older than Emmy. So now, both Emmy and Kara are 17-years-old.

But, even though he has been in Kara’s life for seven years, he never took on the role of “father.” Don’t get me wrong– they still have a good relationship. But Kara already has an active father in his life, so it was different.

“I was in her life 50 percent of the time, so I have no doubt I played a large role in her life,” he explained.

“But I wouldn’t say father, but others do say a nonlegal stepfather.”

As for his own custody situation, he does have Emmy half of the time as well. Well, except for during the summer when he has Emmy most of the time due to his and his ex’s lifestyle.

Anyway, with all of that being said, he, his girlfriend, and the two girls all have good relationships. Kara and Emmy reportedly get along and are friendly.

Jo Ann Snover – – illustrative purposes only

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