She Was Spotted Wandering Through A Restricted Area Of An Airport Looking Frightened Just Before She Disappeared

Facebook - pictured above is Star

On the morning of April 26, 2000, employees realized a young woman had been wandering through a restricted area of the Reno, Nevada, airport. The woman reportedly appeared frightened and disoriented.

Airport police were contacted regarding the sighting, and once an officer arrived, they found the woman hiding behind a truck.

She then said her name was Star Palumbo and claimed that she was searching for her younger sister, who had been running on the tarmac.

At the time, the airport police officer did not think Star’s tale was true. But the officer also didn’t believe she had a criminal reason to get out on the runway.

“He [the officer] had no idea why she was out there. She could give no logical explanation. But instead of arresting her, he decided to release her,” recalled Barry DeBoor from the Reno/Tahoe Airport Police.

After Star was released, she was dropped off at a nearby hotel. Then, the following day, a car parked illegally was found at the airport.

Barry ultimately ran the license plate to check who owned the vehicle and realized it belonged to Star Palumbo– the same young woman from the day before.

“The registered owner came back to Star Palumbo. It appeared to be loaded with all her personal possessions,” Barry said.

Inside the car, it was discovered that Star’s purse, cell phone, and $600 in cash had been left behind. However, other items raised even more concern.

Facebook – pictured above is Star

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