Stop Chasing Others’ Ideas Of “Success,” And Start Putting Your Own Feelings Of Fulfillment First

In society, the word is often tied to how much money you have in the bank or the job title you carry around to networking events. And don’t get me wrong: these are still achievements to be proud of.

However, your perceived success should never be an indicator of your self-worth, and it definitely is not a measure of true fulfillment– which is the ultimate goal.

Think about it: how many people do you know who “have it all?” The idea is enticing. A high-paying job, a loving partner, a paid-off home, and a sizable retirement fund in the bank. Most importantly, a sense of meaning and purpose that makes them feel truly alive every single day.

While all of this would be undeniably nice, such a well-rounded and seemingly perfect life is far from the norm. So, people prioritize certain areas in hopes of achieving some semblance of the bigger picture.

For many, this starts with money and the idea that financial “success” will lead to fulfillment. Maybe a nicer car, a bigger house, and a rainfall shower will make the every day feel less bleh, right?

For others, climbing the corporate ladder just seems like what they “should” do. After all, if you dedicate twenty-plus years of your life to a field, you are supposed to reap a nice salary and benefits package in the end, right?

Now, take a second to consider all of the years these people spend working and waiting. Waiting to feel like they have achieved success, waiting to feel like they are worthy of or allowed to truly enjoy their lives.

The somewhat sad reality, though, is that they have always been worthy. But by putting others’ ideas of “success” at the top of their list, they forgot to prioritize their own meaning and fulfillment.

Obviously, I know that hardly anyone can just quit their jobs to pursue their true interests full-time. It’s not realistic to completely forego “the system,” and I am not encouraging you to do that.

Instead, I am encouraging you to take a step back and truly think about what success and fulfillment mean to you.

You very well may feel entirely empowered and fulfilled at work. Maybe you are making an impact and truly believe your career provides you with a vehicle to help change the world. If so, kudos to you.

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