This Dad Paid For His Daughter’s Wedding, But He’s Refusing To Do The Same For His Stepdaughter After She Left Him Off The Guest List

Although Carly and April are currently adults, Carly still never misses the opportunity to be nasty to April.

A year ago, April got married, and he put money down for the entire event. Carly then got proposed to not that long ago, and he said that he was happy to pay for her wedding too.

Carly was thrilled that he was footing the bill for her wedding, but then she had the audacity to leave him and April off of her guest list.

“Carly said she didn’t feel close enough with April and me to include us in her big day, which I respect and understand,” he said.

“But she’s not close enough to me to invite me to her wedding, yet she’s okay enough with me to want me to fund the entire event? This is when I told her I won’t be paying for it anymore, and it’s become a huge issue that I’m “treating her like she isn’t my daughter, showing favoritism to April, it’s not fair,” etc.”

“I have done nothing but try to build a relationship with her for 25 years, but she clearly doesn’t want one except for when I’m financially benefiting her. I didn’t mind this when she was a kid because it was my responsibility to provide for her, but I’m just so sick of this now that she’s older.”

He’s left wondering if it’s mean of him to refuse to pay for Carly’s wedding because of how she treats him. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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