A Pizza Delivery Guy Ended Up Delivering More Than Just Pizza To Her After She Mistakenly Sent Her Order To Her Ex’s House

malkovkosta - - illustrative purposes only

Everyone is always excited when the pizza delivery guy (or gal) pulls up to the house. It means your pizza has arrived, hot and ready!

But this pizza delivery guy delivered more than just pizza to TikToker Deanna Warren (@deannanicole96) after she mistakenly sent her order to her ex’s house.

The delivery driver’s arrival turned out to be the highlight of her day.

Deanna had ordered pizza for a Super Bowl party with her friends. But the pizza place still had her old address on file, which happened to be her ex-boyfriend’s home.

In a viral clip shared to TikTok, the Ring camera footage showed the delivery driver, Dave, explaining how he had just been at Deanna’s ex’s house. The video now has over sixteen million views.

Dave described how Deanna’s ex said he hadn’t ordered a pizza. Then, his new girlfriend asked for the name on the order.

So Dave informed the couple that it was for Deanna.

The new girlfriend exclaimed in horror, “That’s his ex-girlfriend! Oh my god, is that because she saw you today?”

Deanna and her friends screamed, “What?!” in unison and continued to clamor in the background as Dave began to laugh, saying, “The drama continues!”

malkovkosta – – illustrative purposes only

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