Everyone On TikTok Is Saying That She Looks Exactly Like Princess Diana

Goldengel - - illustrative purposes only

More than two decades after her untimely death, Princess Diana has remained a beloved icon. She was most known for her charitable work and for being a fashion sensation.

Although the royal figure is no longer with us today, one woman on TikTok is regarded as her reincarnation.

TikToker Rose Nora Anna (@70srose) has been deemed a Princess Di lookalike.

And recently, she recreated a Princess Diana look from 1987, going so far as to collaborate with a gown designer to get the image as accurate as possible.

In the viral video posted to TikTok, she transformed herself into Diana, complete with short, blonde feathered hair and wearing a light blue dress.

She was then shown walking down a flight of red-carpeted stairs and posing for the camera in an elegant cream-colored room.

The nine-second clip drew a lot of attention, garnering over two million views. It got many TikTok users clamoring over Rose’s likeness to Princess Diana, with some even comparing her to a character from the TV show Stranger Things.

“I feel you brought Princess Diana back to life. She was my idol,” commented one user.

“She should’ve played Diana in the TV series,” declared another.

Goldengel – – illustrative purposes only

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