If You’ve Never Heard Of Floor 796, You Need To Check It Out, Because It’s Basically A Very Modern “Where’s Waldo?”

Floor 796 - pictured above is a screenshot of Floor 796

If you’ve never heard of Floor 796, you should go check it out! It’s an animation depicting the scene of a space station located on the 796th floor that continues to expand as you explore it.

It’s kind of similar to “Where’s Waldo?” except the goal is not to find a particular person or object. Instead, you’re merely just scrolling through the animation to observe all the elements within it.

Each section of the animation seems to be divided by rooms and is filled with bustling detail and activity.

There are many popular cultural references to several movies, games, TV shows, anime, and more.

The animation project was created by 0x00. It is injected with lots of humor, designed to make you chuckle. The style of the project included colors of a softer shade rather than bright, neon ones.

In one area, there is a hospital waiting room where various characters are waiting to be seen by the doctor. There is Cinderella, whose glass slipper is stuck on her swollen foot.

And then, there’s The Joker and Harley Quinn, who appears to be going into labor. Just beyond that, there are robot assistants treating patients lying on hospital beds.

There’s even a janitor mopping up blood on the floor!

In another section, you can see characters using the bathroom. In the men’s bathroom, people are actually peeing in the urinals. The amount of detail here is astonishing!

Floor 796 – pictured above is a screenshot of Floor 796

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